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Vintage Christmas Cards | Icons | Batch 2 | 50 Icons

Hey everyone! Here is my second installment of vintage christmas card icons! There are 50 icons in this batch as well... again, I've decided to do installments of 50 because I have a TON of pictures to make icons with! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this round as well!

Teasers ::

The rest are HERE at my journal : pianokitten

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♦ Enjoy!

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Archer James

Vintage Christmas Cards | Icons | Batch 1 | 50 Icons

Hey everyone! I decided to make icons of vintage christmas cards for the quickly approaching holiday season!! I'm doing them in batches because I have way too many pics to make icons with... so I figured installments were better :P

Teasers ::

The rest are HERE at my journal : pianokitten

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♠ Credit (to pianokitten) is amazing
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WWII Icons

Just a day late, but I made a ton of WWII Propaganda icons (there *might* be some WWI icons too, i don't remember), so take a look!

Teasers, teasers!

They are broken up into two entries here at my journal...
Round ONE: Don't sit under the apple tree...
Round TWO: ...with anyone else but me!"

I really hope you enjoy them!!! ♥

♥Comments are love
♠Credit (to pianokitten) is amazing

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i was born too late into a world that doesn't care ...

just call me peyton. i'm 22. but if i were to list my interests and favourites you'd never believe that. someone once told me i look like a young joni mitchell.

'the beatles' are and will always be the greatest band in the world.
but if you also play 'led zeppelin'. 'the who'. 'jeff buckley'. 'blondie'. or 'the kinks'. to me you are sent from heaven.
but my old taste does not stop at music.

my favourite films are 'breakfast at tiffany's'. 'casablanca'. 'help'. and 'it's a wonderful life'.
audrey hepburn is my idol. i wish i were her [apart from the being dead part]. if i have trouble sleeping 'roman holiday' is instantly played.
george peppard. james dean. and ringo starr are the kinds of men i wish i could have meant something to.
i curse the youth of today. people that are on their mobile phones constantly drive me up the wall. the facebook trend doesn't appeal to me. my hair is wild and curly which i refuse to tame and straighten. fashion is fickle. a little bohemian and hippie-ish i guess is how i'd be described.

because of this i never really feel as though i truly fit or belong anywhere. i guess most of the time it doesn't bother me a terrible amount. a self-confessed loner and daydreamer i'm rarely bored and dwell on it.

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I'm Rosalind (:
I've just discovered that I joined this community ages ago but never posted :o
Anyway. I was slightly over the moon when I came across this community because I definitely think I was born in the wrong decade. Ever since we did a project on the 60s in primary school, I've thought that I should have been around in the 60s and 70s. I love everything about that era, particularly the music (The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas & The Papas, James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, The Kinks and The Who are amongst my favourites) and how people really believed in 'peace & love' and the fact that there was none of the  non-sensical and downright impractical fashion thats around now. My friends tell me I have the mind of a 50-year-old, and I can't help but agree with them, I even occasionally find myself complaining about 'the youth of today' :L And I have no idea why this is all in italics, but its refusing to go back to normal, so there we have it :P

I'm not alone????

This seriously just made my day.I was born in 1989,but have always felt like I don't belong in this time.
I'm a HUGE fan of music,tv,movies,clothes,everything from the 1940s,50s,60s,and 70s.
People think I'm strange and some sort of Flower Child.
And I always thought I was alone in my love for "retro".
Well,anyway,hello everyone!:D
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I never ever thought there'd be a community like this one, nor people who felt exactly like me about being born in the wrong era and thus, missing their generation. Ever hear the song My Generation by The Who?...well, that's basically my whole life and my true generation in a nutshell.Collapse )
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Hello hello..

Hello Everybody. My name is Taylor.
But  I don't like my name.. kind of like I don't like the time preiod I live in.
I feel like I'm posting on a dead comm.

I was born in 1993, the year of tube tops, and belly-button rings.
I haven't got a problem with the '90s.. but Now.. 2009. It's a mess.
I feel that I should have been born exactly 50 years earlier than I was.
I would have been born on Nov. 9th 1943.
I love the '50s and '60s. I'm obsessed with The Beatles, Buddy Holly, The Who, The Troggs, Bob dylan, donovan, The Byrds...
Anything "oldies/classic rock"

I often wear colourful bohemian shirts and either skinny jeans or bell bottoms. I loathe the current styles.
And most of my clothing is older than your parents.

But I have to deal with this time period.. it's a real drag.

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