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i can dig it

generational misfits
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"Rock & Roll is so great, people should start dying for it.
You don't understand.
The music gave you back your beat so you could dream."
-Lou Reed

this is a community for those who feel that they dont belong in the decade they were/are thriving in. perhaps you disagree with the music, are fed up with the politics in your decade, and/or just dont like the culture of the decade.

i wish i was born in the late fifties, so i could've be around for the late sixties/early seventies. i am just not digging the music of 2005, the culture of 2005. i don't feel as passionately about it as i do the civil rights movement, for example.

most people are a product of the decade they began to think, rebel, and listen up in. if you feel that it is the incorrect decade, and you were really supposed to be born in, perhaps the 30s, this community was made for you.

guidelines for posting:
we don't particularly do anything in this community, so you can post about pretty much anything relevant to your favorite decade. maybe take some photos of your ridiculously cool record collection and post it, or dress up in all your 80s glory and let us know about it. did you learn some new, gasser beat slang? tell us about it! there are a few basic rules you should just follow for posting.
  • please do not post anything intolerant, or say anything derogatory. you post will be deleted, marked as spam and depending on the severity of your comment, you may be either banned from this community, or not allowed to post. this needs to be a safe environment for posting.

  • never post any rating community advertisements. never, never, never. you will get banned, and it will get marked as spam. it is not up to a few people with inferiority complexes to determine who is amazing and who is not, especially if they don't know them. i don't care what sort of rating community it is, if it doesn't let everyone in, the post is deleted.

  • please refrain from posting other community advertisements. it's okay, especially if you start up a new community relevant to popular interests in the community, but kind of annoying if it happens all the time or involves ridiculously large pictures.

  • if you are posting fabulous pcitures of your record collection or thrift store finds, please use a livejournal cut if you are intending on posting more than one photo, or photos greater than 400x400 pixels.

  • if you are posting wunderbar song lyrics, please explain why. please do not just post a very long song and expect us to understand what it is/why it is there, because we won't. dankeschoen.

  • i'm sorry there are a few rules, but i just want to keep the community running smoothly. if you have any sort of questions or comments on anything, my username is aglive, so you can leave a comment on my journal, and as i compulsively check my email, the chances i will get back to you in less than 24 hours are very, very high.

    some other communities you might find interesting:

    *this community is awesome. i had it on my friends page for a good amount of time, so i can personally say that it is well-moderated and interesting. i encourage joining.

    if you want some super-awesome, html-based, animated banners about your favorite decade, clicken sie hier. you can post them anywhere and no credit is necessary.

    "grody to the max", adultery, afros, am radio, american bandstand, art deco, audrey hepburn, back in the day, bad fashion, bad taste, beatniks, bell bottoms, black and white, bohemia, british invasion, buddy holly, cadillacs, captain planet, care bears, cat eye glasses, charleston, chrome, classic rock, color television, corruption, crime, dancing, decades, developing an identity, devo, dick clark, diners, disco, drugs, duke ellington, dungarees, ed sullivan, eight tracks, ella fitzgerald, elvis, fame, fear of flying, feeling out of place, feminism, film, flappers, flares, flower children, fortune, fraggle rock, free love, freedom, furbies, garage, go go girls, grease, great balls of fire, grunge, harlem, hippies, i dream of jeanie, i love lucy, iraq, jazz, jeans, jimi hendrix, jitterbug, jukeboxes, kitsch, lava lamps, leave it to beaver, lindy hop, living glamorously, love, mash, mc hammer, memories, motown, movies, music, new orleans, new york, nirvana, nostalgia, oldies, peace, pin-up girls, pogs, poodle skirts, pop culture, popeye, psychedelia, punk, records, retro, ritchie valens, rock, rock n roll, rollerskates, saddle shoes, saved by the bell, shag, shirley temple, steve urkel, swing, the '20s, the '30s, the '40s, the '50s, the '60s, the '70s, the '80s, the '90s, the 20s, the 20th century, the 21st century, the 30s, the 40s, the 50s, the 60s, the 70s, the 80's, the 80s, the 90s, the beach boys, the beat generation, the beatles, the clash, the doors, the eighties, the fifties, the fonz, the forties, the goonies, the kennedy assasination, the monkees, the never ending story, the nineties, the roaring twenties, the rolling stones, the seventies, the sixties, tv dinners, tv land, vaudeville, vietnam, vintage, vintage clothing, vinyl, woodstock